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Athletic Schedule


The athletic period will run from 3-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, we will cohort the students by form, boarding/day, and gender. Each cohort will have a weekly schedule. Below is a list describing the activities that will be available to each cohort every week. 

  • Skating and Broomball in the Lufkin Rink —Helmets are required, but students do not have to have skates.
  • Adventure Ed and Gym Games — Athletes will use the climbing wall and participate in other leadership and adventure opportunities depending on the weather. Students will also play various games in the gymnasium.
  • Badminton and Pickleball — Athletes will learn and advance their skills in these fun indoor games.
  • Strength and Fitness Training — Various fitness equipment will be utilized in the tennis court area for students to work on their strength and fitness. Each workout will involve stations for students to work at their own ability.
  • Outdoor Fun and Indoor Games — The options for this activity will be weather dependent. If we continue to have great snow, then the athletes will have time to pond skate, sled, or have other outdoor winter adventures. Ping pong, board, and card games will be offered on inclement afternoons.
  • Art and Robotics — As an alternative to the daily fitness activities, students can choose art or robotics. A variety of different activities will be offered throughout the Winter Term. Space will be limited, therefore prompt signups are necessary.
  • Study Club — Day students may choose to participate in a monitored study club in the afternoons to complete school work. Study Club must be signed up for in advance to keep proper attendance.
  • Early Dismissal — Due to the challenges presented by our current situation, Day Students do have the option this winter to be picked up after the academic day at 2:45 p.m. Again, this should be signed up for in advance to keep proper attendance.
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