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Signature Programs for VIIth Form (Grade 9) Students

Rumsey Hall's Signature Programs are an extraordinary opportunity for VIIth Form (Grade 9) students to take a deep-dive into a specific area of study. Through this optional, year-long course, seniors spend dedicated time under the expertise of qualified teachers to develop their personal interests. The knowledge and skills Students will acquire firsthand knowledge and useful skills during courses and workshops geared to their program of choice. The culminating capstone project will provide students with the opportunity to compile and present what they learned in a meaningful and memorable way. 

Signature Programs are Offered in:

Makerspace Design

Think critically and creatively to solve real-world problems through project-based learning! 

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Innovation & Entrepre-


Broaden economic and financial literacy and promote creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

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Social and Community Leadership

Build unique character strengths and leadership skills to create positive influence, inclusivity, and change.

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Fine Arts Studies

Explore and develop creativity through a rigorous complement of arts offerings.  

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Two-Part Structure

Part 1

Students engage in a series of programmatic offerings including clubs, classes and concentrated endeavors under the umbrella of the program they selected.

Part 2

Students complete a capstone project during the spring term. Throughout their senior year, Signature Program students meet weekly with their sponsoring faculty advisor to guide and further enrich their experience. The sponsoring faculty member will meet regularly with the student to ensure they are on-track and supported in this endeavor; however, the capstone project is intended to be a fairly independent project.

Students are supported and encouraged every step of the way!

Rumsey Signature Program participants will benefit from meeting regularly as a community of inspired learners. Each student will be guided by the unit’s sponsoring faculty member.