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Qui Non Proficit Deficit

"He who is not advancing falls behind."

Rumsey Hall School is committed to a whole-child approach to education and believes that teaching academics and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. The School emphasizes effort as a criterion for success and is dedicated to helping each child develop toward his or her maximum stature as an educated person, a successful member of a family, and a contributing member of a community.


Doing one’s best becomes more than an objective at Rumsey — it becomes a habit for life. Effort does not start and end with the student. It is a shared responsibility between the student and each faculty member. The result is an environment where everyone shares in the achievement of success. Students on the Effort and Dean’s Lists earn privileges that reinforce the idea that greater independence and autonomy are the rewards for diligent effort. Recognition for effort builds a respect for self-discipline and personal responsibility. This emphasis on effort becomes an integral part of the student’s everyday life. Effort Is the Key to Success; Effort Controls Your Destiny.


The close relationships between faculty and students are the core of the family atmosphere. Students build key relationships grounded in trust and know they can be themselves without need for pretense. Our nurturing environment includes family-style meals and daily interactions with adults who care. At Rumsey Hall, formative experiences are strengthened by familial relationships. Everyone comes together under one roof. Sustained by traditions, the strong culture and spirit of the School are rooted in the family atmosphere.


In our School community, we know each other by name and appreciate every person’s individual talents and qualities. Our sense of community is anchored by shared values of honesty, kindness and respect. Inspiring and guiding students to become valuable, contributing members of the community through involvement in all aspects of life on campus are key elements of Rumsey’s whole-child education. Our students enjoy individual opportunities and a satisfying sense of community, and both independence and guidance as they strive for personal growth.


Honesty, Kindness, and Respect are not only our core values but our culture.


When we are honest, we build strength of character.

An important part of honesty is what you say and how you act toward others; creating peace of mind and promoting trusting relationships.


Kindness is about helping those in need, being patient, giving compliments to others, lifting another who is down, and treating others the way you want to be treated.


Respect shows others that you value who they are and how they feel; listening to what others have to say, treating them fairly, being tolerant of their beliefs, and having compassion for their needs.