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Medication Policy

Rumsey Hall Medication Policy

  • All medications must be reported to the Rumsey Hall Health Center. Students are not permitted to have medicine in their possession. Any medications identified will be confiscated. Medications sent from home are promptly discarded, which include: dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathic or compound preparations and any over the counter medicines. 
  • Self-Administration of certain medications may be allowed only with written permission of the physician, parent, and school nurse (i.e.) Epi-pens, Glucagon, Insulin, and Rescue Inhalers. Supervision and accountability of students authorized to self-administer their prescribed medication are in compliance with Connecticut State Regulations and the discretion of the Rumsey Hall Health Center. 
  • Prescriptions and over the counter medicines are processed directly through Towne Apothecary Pharmacy and delivered to Rumsey Hall Health Center. Only medications prepared in labeled blister packages by our school's pharmacy, Towne Apothecary, are accepted. Additionally, written permission is required for each medication administered, including over the counter medicine. A required form, "Permission to Administer Medications," must be completed by a physician and co-signed by a parent/guardian. This form is available under your child's account on Magnus Health. 
  • International medicine and prescriptions are not accepted at Rumsey Hall School or Towne Apothecary Pharmacy. Appointments will be arranged with our school's physician or APRN for international students in need of medication. 
  • Rumsey Hall Health center cannot mail medicine under any circumstance, nor can medications be mailed to the school, or sent with the student. Medications may be picked up by an adult, age 18 or older, with written parental consent. Medications, including controlled substances, will not be provided to an unaccompanied minor.
  • Discontinued and expired medications are discarded promptly. Rumsey Hall School's Medication Policy and Procedures are intended to promote safety and wellbeing for all students on campus.