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We're Looking forward to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Have a great summer Rumsey Parents! We look forward to seeing your child/ren back on campus. In the meantime, we've compiled some helpful information to help you prepare. As the summer progresses, we will continue to update this page and send you emails with more details for the 2021-2022 school year. In each section of this page, you'll find the name and email address of the specific person you should contact if you have any questions regarding that topic. 

TextbookHub: Please use your child's student ID to access the online bookstore on the Blue Dog Portal

2021-2022 COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Calendar/Opening Days Schedule

Order Textbooks

TextbookHub FAQs

2021-2022 Student Handbook

FAQs and Who to Contact

Academics FAQs

I have a question about academics at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Lower School
Rob Brenner
Director of Lower School 
Upper School
Please contact the appropriate department chair or Associate Head of School Brooke Giese at to answer your question. 

Boarding Resources

Boarding FAQs

I have a question about boarding at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Residential Living Questions
Rick Butler
Director of Residential Life 
Travel Arrangements Questions
Rachel SanFanAndre
Travel Coordinator

Student Life Resources

Student Life FAQs

I have a question about student life at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Technology Resources

Technology FAQs

I have a question about technology at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Steve Dodge
Director of Technology

Athletics Resources

Upper School Athletics & Lower School Afternoon Enrichment Program (AEP) FAQs

I have a question about athletics at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Jay Przygocki
Athletic Director
Liz Butler
Assistant Athletic Director
Lower School AEP 
Rob Brenner

Health & Wellness FAQs

I have a question about health and wellness at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Nancy Dalrymple
Director of Health Center
Marisa Mastrianno
Director of Health & Wellness (Counseling)


* Current and past Bills and Statements are viewable by Parents or Guardians only in the Blue Dog Portal

NOTE - Statements are only visible within the month of the transaction date, i.e. July Bill is only accessible in July

Domestic Families should make payments in the Portal using their United States Bank Account information.

International Families should send a Wire Transfer payment to the school. (Include student name)

Monthly Payment Plan Families should login each month to make payment.

* For questions regarding Payments, please contact the Billing Department:


Business Office FAQs

Rumsey Circle Parents Association Resources

Rumsey Circle Parents Association FAQs

I have a question about the Rumsey Circle Parents Association at Rumsey. Who do I contact?

Michelle Rittler P'30
Associate Director of Advancement / Parent & Alumni Relations

How do we communicate with Rumsey parents?

Throughout the school year, we communicate with parents in the following ways:

  1. Your child's teacher, advisor, and other relevant faculty and staff members will reach out with necessary information via email or a phone call.
  2. The Rumsey Hall Parents Page at is for announcements, calendar events, and resources such as the student handbook, dress code, etc.
  3. The Blue Dog Portal can be accessed on the Rumsey Hall Parent page and is for contract information, business transactions, and access to the Magnus Health system. 
  4. Our photo gallery on Flickr, our video gallery on Vimeo and our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram all showcase engaging school happenings.
  5. "Rumsey on the Run" weekly parent newsletter is emailed to you every Friday. The newsletter highlights achievements and remarkable stories from the week and provides information about upcoming events. To get an idea of what type of info the newsletter shares, here's the most recent edition: