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Upper School

Rumsey Hall provides students with a supportive, family environment to grow intellectually and personally. In the Upper School, boarding and day students engage in a variety of fulfilling learning experiences that help shape character and increase confidence and independence in preparation for secondary school and life’s journeys.

Effort and Dean's List

Effort is graded on class involvement, extra credit projects and submitting homework on time. The Effort List is designed to encourage students to meet academic expectations. Students make the Dean’s List by demonstrating superior effort in four or more classes, three of which must be the core academic classes. This positive reinforcement helps students develop internal motivation, laying the foundation for both achievement in academics and success in other areas of life.


Each student in the School is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor meets with his/her advisees each week individually or as a group in order to discuss grades, effort and school life in general. Contact with advisors, however, is not limited to these occasions. The student or the advisor may request a conference at any time. The advisor is the primary contact for parents. Parents should feel free to contact their child's advisor at any time during the year.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are offered only to VII Form students who have demonstrated the ability to do superior work. Admission to these courses is based on teacher recommendations, standardized test scores and course grades. Honors courses are offered in English, mathematics (Algebra II) science (Biology), French IV, Spanish IV and Latin Delta.

Extra Help

Extra Help sessions are scheduled during the academic day for the Upper School. This session is used to reinforce the lesson covered that day or offer extra challenge. This can be at the teacher’s or student's request.


Upper School Students pursue a balanced curriculum that includes math, science, English, foreign language, history, and co-curricular offerings in the arts, technology, and character skills. Classes are held Monday through Friday. A bi-weekly achievement report card is sent to parents and is reviewed with each student by the advisor. Average class size is 12 students. This makes for a dynamic learning environment where everyone’s voice is heard and encouraged.