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Get to Know Ian Craig: Looking Ahead to Arriving at Rumsey

The Solley House, Head of School Residence on Rumsey Hall Campus

As a community, Rumsey Hall is thrilled about welcoming Ian Craig, the incoming Head of School to campus. Students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Rumsey family-at-large are looking forward to the many ways our School will continue to thrive under Ian’s leadership beginning July 1, 2021. 

For months, our dedicated maintenance staff has been preparing the Solley House (our on-campus Head of School’s residence) for Ian’s family to move into the first week of June. There’s no doubt that we’re excitedly anticipating Ian and his family’s arrival! Yet, as we continue to arrange for the warmest transition to Rumsey, we were curious about how Ian was feeling during this time of change. So, we took a moment to sit down with him and ask him what he’s looking forward to as the time of his transition to Rumsey’s Head of School begins. 

After over a decade of living in South Central United States, Ian is delighted to move to New England. Ian is originally from Long Island, NY, and Holly grew up in Cape Cod, MA. “When I think of moving to New England, it feels like coming home in a lot of ways,” Ian said. “My wife Holly and I both have family here in Connecticut—just a few hours from Rumsey—and being closer to family and friends is a big draw.”

Another reason Ian and his family are eager to move to Connecticut is because of the charm and diversity of activities to engage in due to the changing seasons. He noted, “We haven’t had changing seasons in 15 years! So, it’ll be nice to explore the region in each of the varying seasons.”

It’s no secret that the Litchfield Hills, including the Washington hometown of Rumsey Hall, are marked with trails known for their breathtaking vistas, meandering rivers, and life-giving forests. Ian mentioned that he is thrilled to be in a geographic location where he and his family can explore nature. “Being outdoors is really important to my family and me. My wife, Holly, in particular, is looking forward to finding new hiking spots near the school.”

In addition to his positive thoughts about moving to Connecticut, Ian is enthusiastic about joining the Rumsey community. “Aside from the sense of being settled, we’re excited about immersing ourselves into the culture of Rumsey,” Ian said. “Even from this far away here in Louisiana, I can feel such a strong sense of community at the school. Any alumni I’ve spoken with so far have an unabashedly palpable affinity for the school. People have come out of the woodwork to tell me what they love about Rumsey—there’s a strong connection back to the school for them.”

Though Ian’s sons, Holden, age 22, and Cooper, age 10, are living in places outside of Connecticut, his two-year-old adopted daughter Maia will be sure to enjoy the playful atmosphere at Rumsey. “Maia walks around this school and acts as if the playground is her very own,” Ian remarked with a smile. “I have no doubt she’ll feel very much at home on the expansive and beautiful campus at Rumsey.”

With about a month of time to pass before Ian, Holly, and Maia settle onto the Rumsey Hall campus, we will continue to create pathways of communication to ease the transition. When Ian begins to act officially as Head of School at Rumsey, he will provide opportunities to connect with our valued members of the community. 

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