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Visiting Author Ann Braden Inspires Discussion and Creativity

Visiting Author Ann Braden Inspires Discussion and Creativity

Author Ann Braden visited Rumsey Hall on April 12 to share life and writing experiences that led her to becoming a writer. She stated that she couldn't write when she was a student! Or that's what she thought. Much later in life, however, out of desperation and reading another author's book, she decided to give it a try. Over the past thirteen years, she wrote many manuscripts. Three have been published: The Benefits of Being an Octopus, Flight of the Puffin, and Opinions and Opossums (coming out on May 2nd). Each book focuses on a different power, respectively: Power of your Inner Strength, Power of Connection, and the Power of a Question.

Ms. Braden shared many ideas to help guide audience members through life, including "Like the octopus, obstacles don't have to keep you down. They can help you rise to a whole new level." A red pen on a supply list from her geography teacher taught her the power of asking her own questions (even if they didn't have to do with geography). 

Later in the day, Ms. Braden led a lively and highly interactive Writing Workshop for IInd and IIIrd Form students where she talked about her writing process and shared tips for aspiring writers. Students participated in an activity where they wrote about shopping carts! Maybe some of those kernels of stories will grow into stories someday.

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