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Visiting Author Ann Braden Holds Zoom Discussion on Leadership

Recently, Upper School students and teachers from around the country and the world zoomed with Ann Braden (highlighted in green in the photo), author of Flight of the Puffin. 

Book club attendees heard fascinating backstories of how Braden created both the story and the characters. Libby, for example, was based on a real person who admitted to Braden that her family was actually "way worse than Libby's family."

Tying in with this year's Upper School summer reading theme of leadership, attendees discussed the variety of leadership traits the characters in this book exhibit. One character known only as T, for instance, leads with very few words and oftentimes leads simply through his actions. Jack, on the other hand, is a much more vocal leader; yet, he listens to others, is open-minded, owns up to his mistakes, and is willing to speak up for others when few might do so. Libby, who is seen as a bully simply because she comes from a family of bullies, spreads joy/hope and leads through her artwork.

Be on the lookout for more reading opportunities throughout the year at Rumsey Hall.