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Have you ever noticed in the Lufkin Rink the door that has the red and white oar on it? Have you ever wondered what was inside? Each spring upwards of 40 athletes call that room home. The "erg room", the "boathouse", it has earned a few names. But this past Tuesday, with the blessing of Mr. Ryan's family, Mr.  Przygocki, past and current Rumsey rowing coaches and friends, it was given a new name. The Francis M. Ryan Indoor Rowing Facility was dedicated to Mr. Ryan in recognition of his 31 years at Rumsey Hall School. Under the tutelage of Mr. Ryan, Rumsey Crew has developed into an incredible middle school rowing program. Rumsey Crew uses the space to train and learn the technique of rowing in the indoor rowing tanks. With a proper space to teach young rowers and coxswains, Mr. Ryan and his coaches were able to develop not only better skills but also a strong rowing community. As a testament to the impact this program has had on young athletes, banners of several college rowing teams commemorate those students who got their start on Rumsey Crew.

Thank you Mr. Ryan for your dedication to developing the Rumsey Crew program! We all wish you well in your new leadership role in VA.


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