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Students Select Healthy Relationship Values

Students Select Healthy Relationship Values

Upper School students produced some meaningful artifacts as part of the recent Character and Community Values Workshops. 

Students received a list of 100+ words representing values in healthy interpersonal relationships. From the list, they selected the ten attributes that were most important to them. These attributes were then collected and turned into a word cloud, which you can see here. The most commonly occuring words were: Trust (84), Honesty (59), Loyalty (58), Respect (54), Communication (42), Fun (42), Humor (39), Kindness (38), Acceptance (34), Empathy (34), Forgiveness (31), Happiness (31), and Understanding (31). 

Each student also created a hexagonal art piece of their most important value, and all of the pieces were fitted together into a mosaic on the Study Hall wall. 

These artifacts serve as important reminders about the importance of what our students want in their relationships and their responsibilities to others who want the same.