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After Hours Production: The Rumsey Cast & Crew Put on a Hilarious Performance

Congratulations to the cast and crew of our spring theater production of After Hours. After weeks of hard work memorizing lines, staging positions, creating a remarkable set, and choosing costumes, the Upper School students presented a memorable show.

Under the direction of Alecia Evans P’ 18, the actors shone in their abilities on stage. The students delivered their humorous lines with impeccable timing, ultimately cracking up the audience—time and time again. The performance was more than hilarious: the underlying message of After Hours also made the attendees consider what it means to choose a path "outside of the box". In the play, Danny, a store mannequin, decides to manifest his future in a different way than what had been ordained for him.

The overarching message of the pursuit of justice became clear as the mannequins worked together to fight crime. The slapstick humor of two ill-prepared crooks resulted in roars of laughter from the crowd of peers and parents. In the end, the robbers were apprehended; moreover, in a twist of fate, they faced the judgment otherwise meant for Danny. The sentence on the thieves was Danny's ticket to freedom!

Play Summary

"All is quiet on the storefront as the owner of a small clothes shop locks up for the night. Little does she know that when the lights go out, activity in her store really picks up! Two lively mannequins, LuAnn and Patty, have been waiting all day for a chance to loosen up. When they discover fellow mannequin Danny in a mistakenly delivered crate, the night really gets interesting when a pair of bungling burglars breaks in. With Danny taking the reins, the mannequins show the crooks who the real “dummies” are, playing games with their minds, frightening them out of their wits and sending them on their way!” - Pioneer Drama

Bravo to the Rumsey theater company for all their hard work. We look forward to next year's fall production!

Special thanks to Alecia Evans and Cassie Rydingsword for all of their efforts in organizing rehearsals, costumes, sets etc. Thank you also to Ben Pastor, Steve Dodge, and Mark Simonelli for their help with Tech.

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