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Rumsey Rays of Optimism: Anonymous Positive Vibes

At Rumsey Hall, the private New England day and boarding school for grades kindergarten through grade nine, our community members take the time to beam positivity and encouragement to one another. Even more so, we're intentional about sharing those positive vibes with one another—knowing our words and thoughts strengthen our bonds of unity. We're grateful for the word of this faculty member that help us move forward in the confidence that we are seen as individuals and held in the light of mutual respect.

From One New Teacher to the Rumsey Faculty and Staff: Rumsey Effort

"We may work closely together, be friends or simply acquaintances, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you all that I see just how much passion you put into your roles at Rumsey. Whether you are a head teacher, teaching assistant, maintenance staff, coach, admin, office staff, dorm parent, (I’m sure I may have missed some roles, and I apologize if I missed yours!) I notice the energy you bring to the campus and the students even in this crazy time. When I go on my nightly walks, I see many lights still on in classrooms, office buildings or apartments when most of the world would be relaxing or sleeping. You are hard at work- reflecting on your day, planning for tomorrow and contemplating more ways to make this place even better for our students.

In my short time here I have noticed just how much time, effort and love you all put into your days- and you do so with positivity, kindness, and of course- humor. It has certainly been an interesting year for the world, but being a part of this community has really shown me that change is possible when people come together.

Thank you for everything you do."

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