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Rumsey Hall Finance Club talks with Dan Lufkin

At Rumsey Hall, we give students opportunities outside the classroom to explore their own unique interests. One way students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and abilities is through participating in a student club. Each of our diverse clubs is run by a faculty member with expertise in the subject matter. The Rumsey Hall Finance Club brings students together to learn about investing, the stock market, and an overall understanding of the world of money.

The Finance Club regularly invites speakers with relevant experience in the business world to come in and chat with the students. Before the spring break, the club was happy to welcome back Dan Lufkin P'12, '20, '24, co-founder of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) to share gems of wisdom from his successful career on Wall Street and the Department of Environmental Protection. Lufkin recounted his early foray into the stock market as well as sharing a deeper understanding Index funds. Sharing with students how over long periods of time they can be used as portfolio holdings for retirement accounts. Recounting how his friend and fellow investor Warren Buffet has sung their praises over the years.

One of the main takeaways Lufkin left with students of the principles of investment is to make sure they did their research. As one of his favorite lines from Sherlock Holmes said “Watson you see, but you do not observe.” Doing due diligence to research potential investments is a key part of success.


1.31.23 - Dan Lufkin speaks to Finance Club