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Rumsey Crew: Lower Boat Champs!

Congratulations Rumsey Crew team! After sweeping eight of the nine races in the Lower Boat Regatta, the team brought back the Lower Boat Champs Oar for the first time in nine years! 

At Rumsey, we believe in effort, courage, and nurturing the drive for success within our athletic program. The Blue Dog Spirit is defined by perseverance, attitude, and the relationships built between teammates and coaches. We offer a full schedule of competitive and non-competitive teams for IIIrd  Form (5th Grade) through VIIth Form (9th Grade) students—supporting all levels of play.

Students build lasting skills and cultivate a passion for a variety of sports by participating in fall, winter, and spring season athletics each school year. Our faculty-coaches teach healthy habits and training techniques to thrive physically. Athletes are equipped with knowledge of the sport and then experience first-hand an understanding of their contribution to team dynamics. 

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