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Ray Sanchez '93 on his "Fundamentally Transformative" Time at Rumsey

Ray Sanchez Jr. (Photo source: Ray Sanchez for CD 7)

We asked Ray Sanchez '93, who is running for New York City Council District 7 on June 22, 2021 a few questions about his time at Rumsey Hall, the CT private school in Litchfield County. Here's what he had to say:

What do you remember most about your time at Rumsey?

"Morning meetings, cookouts in the spring, wrestling, rowing crew, hiking trips,
the swings down by the ponds, and weekend trips to the movies."

Who were your favorite Rumsey teachers/staff members and why?

"This is hard because there were so many wonderful teachers and staff. Jeff
Magnoli and I had a special connection. I was on his wrestling team for all three
years, which was a small group. During my senior year, I played football for him
and lived in Hull House where he was the in-residence dorm parent. I also had
him for several math classes. He always had a 'tough guy' persona, but also a soft
spot for his wrestlers, which he may or may not admit."

How has your education and time at Rumsey impacted you?

"My time at Rumsey was fundamentally transformative. It is a big reason why
class size is such an important issue that I am running on. Although I was in a
New York City public school 'gifted and talented' program for years, we had 30+
kids a class. The smaller classes at Rumsey were a game changer."

What advice would you give to the current students at Rumsey?

"I would advise them to take the Effort List seriously. It is an important part of the
wonderful foundation Rumsey teaches you to prepare for the real world. It is
about creating strong habits, 'freedom through discipline', so that you show up
and put forward your best at all times. It is especially important to do so when life
presents adversity and challenges. Showing up consistently is an essential part of
being successful."