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Idriss Traore '15 Addresses the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Class

Idriss Traore '15 Addresses the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Class

Idriss Traore '15 recently visited campus to address the Innovation and Entrepreneurship class, a part of the Rumsey Hall Signature Programs. These capstone courses are designed to ignite the passions and intellectual curiosity of students, allowing them to explore their interests in greater depth. 

Idriss shared his inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, recounting how he ventured into the world of beekeeping and established his own company, @edgecombe_honey His beekeeping journey began shortly after graduating from Rumsey Hall, as he took over the project from his mother, who had been tending to the bees for a year. Alongside his initial career in stage management, Idriss simultaneously nurtured his honey business, eventually transitioning to full-time beekeeping. He recounted the bustling days he spent at the Grass Roots Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday, offering honey in eco-friendly glass jars, free of preservatives. With 13 beehives and around 800 bees in his backyard, Idriss is not only a dedicated beekeeper but also an aspiring trailblazer, seeking to inspire his community and break boundaries as a person of color engaged in the world of bees.

Through his efforts, Idriss continues to be a positive and influential member of his community, embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that Rumsey Hall instills in its students.

11.9.23 - Idriss Traore ‘15