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From Connecticut to Around the World: Making Connections through Reading

The Global Read Aloud program is a six-week program that is designed to have teachers create a global community for their students where they read and share information to one another and make as many global connections as possible.

Pernille Ripp started The Global Read Aloud eleven years ago. She recently announced that this is the final year for her program! Thousands of students throughout the world are taking part in GRA '20 programs. At Rumsey Hall, Kindergarten and Pre-Primes are taking part in the illustrator study that focuses around Juana Martinez-Neal's work. Primes are taking part in Zanib Mian's Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet. IIIrd Form students are taking part in Charlene Willing McManis' Indian No More. All Upper School students were invited to take part in a book club that is connected with the GRA High School program: Jason Reynolds' Stamped, Antiracism, and You. 

A mixture of in-person and distance learners are taking part in the Stamped book club. All are looking forward to reading another Reynolds book as well as to learn more about themselves and those around them.

Global Read Aloud Program - Stamped