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Book Fest 2021 

Book Fest is a Rumsey Hall tradition that inspires the love of reading in our student body. Each year, faculty members choose an engaging and developmentally-appropriate book that resonates with either Lower or Upper School students. The teachers then present their book club in a creative manner to the students in Morning Meeting.

This year, teachers crafted short video promos to introduce the topic of their book to the student body. Students were then given the opportunity to sign up for a particular book to read over Spring Break. 

Mrs. DiLorenzo, Rumsey Hall Library Media Specialist, stated, "We have a 'Culture of Reading' at Rumsey Hall! Our dedicated faculty and staff have led creative, exciting, and thought-provoking book clubs year after year (even when virtual) since 2012."

Upon returning from Spring Break, all Lower School students and the Upper School students that participated in Book Fest 2021 gathered virtually with the leader of the Book Club. 

"We had a great conversation in our book club around how some of the new heroes discovered inspire the kids because they learned to work through failure, hostility, and negativity," stated Mr. Ough, leader of the Fantastic Failures book club. "I love this book and the group of kids so happily shared their thoughts, vulnerability, and favorite quotes."
"The kids LOVED this book," commented Mr. Pratt, leader of the Dragon Hoops book club. "It sparked so many interesting conversations and it inspired several of them to do some research of their own as they read. All of the students were in awe at how accurately Gene Luen Yang portrayed a real team, real games, and real people. The boys in the group who come from China and Korea also mentioned that they connected deeply with the player Alex Zhao and his experience of coming to school in the United States from overseas."
All in all, Book Fest 2021 was a remarkable success. Students and faculty alike experienced the benefits of both reading a new book and then collaborating about the impact of the literature.

"We know how incredibly important and powerful reading is, whether for pleasure or informational purposes," DiLorenzo said. "We have so many avid readers (both students and adults), and we continue to do everything we can to entice those who may not want to read to become lifelong, passionate readers." 

Our team of librarians will continue to collect quotes from students, faculty, and alumni that participated in Book Fest 2021. Readers are encouraged to share their favorite line from the book.

DISTANCE LEARNERS: fill out this form to share your favorite lines with us. Thanks to those who already submitted!

IN-PERSON LEARNERS: when we're back on campus, stop by the library to write your favorite line on a pre-cut pink blossom to put up on the branch OR you may fill out that form if you prefer.