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Awareness Forming in Action: Wilson Xie '22 Spearheads Sustainability Web Presence

Awareness Forming in Action: Wilson Xie '22 Spearheads Sustainability Web Presence

At Rumsey Hall, we give students the opportunity to spearhead initiatives based on what drives them to action. For instance, when a member of the senior class expressed interest in creating a web page and blog about the importance of caring for our planet and how Rumsey Hall is responding, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him. Wilson Xie '22 worked diligently to research best practices in communicating via the internet and presented the school with remarkable content. Wilson's blog and overall vision for a sustainability web page presented Rumsey's heart for the planet with clarity. 

View the Rumsey Hall Sustainability Web Page

Wilson Xie '22

When asked what his catalyst for such a meaningful contribution to the school was, Wilson responded, "I wanted to construct this sustainability webpage for Rumsey because many people do not know that we, as a community, do things like this. I wanted to provoke others in protecting the environment and spreading the awareness that we are global citizens. I already felt so proud to highlight the ongoing sustainability efforts in every facet of school life and motivate others to continue bettering the environment and improving all of our lives." 

As part of our Social-Emotional Learning program at Rumsey Hall, the New England Junior Boarding School in Washington, CT, we teach students how to acknowledge when conflict — such as climate change — is occurring, what their role is in the instance, and how to react in a way that considers the value of others. Students perceive the power of their values when they take action by standing up for what they believe in. Students recognize the impact of their beliefs when they give their talents to help their community ...and the world at large. They are inspired, and inspire others, when they steer the direction of the integrity of a class project, the spirit on a team, or the attitude in a dorm. In this case, Wilson's imprint will have a long-term impact on the school as a whole ...a sustainable gift that will last for years to come.