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Visiting Author Christy Mihaly Meets With Ist Form Students

Ist Form students had the pleasure of a virtual visit with author Christy Mihaly, author of Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery, their Holiday Book from 2021. Mihaly fascinated students with the complicated details and lengthy process of putting together this unique and beautiful book. Mihaly and her team put together Water during the 2020 pandemic. Believe it or not, the pandemic and Zoom made it easier for Mihaly to regularly connect with illustrator Mariona Cabassa who lives in Spain! Mihaly, Cabassa, the editor, and a team of scientists worked together to get all of the scientific details about water correct. With gorgeous illustrations, two tables of contents, tons of nonfiction details about water, and folktales connected with water throughout, this book will delight readers for hours. We're hoping that a Lower and perhaps an Upper School teacher will choose this as their Book Fest '22 book club choice. Keep your eyes open!

1.13.21 - Author Visit Christy Mihaly