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An Undefeated Season and a Coaching Career Milestone

An Undefeated Season and a Coaching Career Milestone

What a season it has been for Rumsey Boys Varsity Basketball! Through a hard-fought thirteen game season, the Blue Dogs came away undefeated and excited by their success.

“This year compared to others we had more basketball players than athletes who like to play basketball, and that means a world of difference,” said Coach Steve Dodge. “They already have the fundamentals and understand what it takes to be a competitive basketball team. They embraced the process, they were coachable and, through our combined efforts, we were able to be successful and win games.”

Coach Dodge, who is also Rumsey’s Director of Technology, praised the team’s leadership qualities and the way they carried themselves on and off the court. “The element of sportsmanship and respect for the game was always present, and that matters in having a successful team and a successful season.” 

He also cited several technical factors that proved key: being strong defensively, generating multiple turnovers to help drive offense, and skilfully-executed free-throw shooting. He noted the fine leadership of center Xavier Sanchez and the tenacity of Jaiden Allen, who found ways to make an impact even though he often found himself pitted against players who were older and taller. Coach Dodge also praised first year guards Anthony Walters and his brother Aaden Walters, who smashed not one but two major records in a single game, against Westminster: he racked up eleven steals – and recorded 43 points!

Coach Dodge himself hit a significant milestone this year when he picked up the 200th win of his coaching career with the team’s mid season game against Trinity Pawling. As Rumsey Boys Varsity Basketball coach for twenty-one years, he has been a respected fixture in the athletic careers of many Blue Dogs.

What’s in store for next year? Coach Dodge says he and the team are hoping to ramp up their efforts against familiar opponents and possibly some new teams as well. Does he think he’ll make any changes to the tried and tested formula that has carried him through 200 career wins and this most recent undefeated season? Not likely. “I’ve found a formula that works and I keep it rolling. There’s no need to over-complicate at this level. I correlate to what college teams are doing and once my team sees that they can also do that and get results, they want to do more,” he said. “If I stick to what works and I’m sincere and I give them the energy that they deserve, then I get it back ten-fold.”

Congratulations to Coach Dodge and the team on a superb season! We are already looking forward to next year. Go Blue Dogs!

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