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Alumni Update: Junho Lee '21 Shining Bright

Alumni Update: Junho Lee '21 Shining Bright 

We're thrilled to share the latest update on one of our outstanding alumni, Junho Lee '21. Junho's journey since his graduation from Rumsey Hall has been remarkable, and he recently spoke via Zoom with Christian Anderson, Associate Director of Advancement to share some of the highlights. 

Academic Pursuits: 
Junho is in his senior year at Choate, and his academic pursuits are soaring. He's preparing his college applications, aiming to specialize in fields close to his heart: psychology, educational policy, and human development. His goal is to build a school in Korea that promotes curiosity-driven learning. 

Involvement at Choate:
True to his nature, Junho continues to make an impact at Choate. He's taken on leadership roles, including leading the Choate Korea Friendship Association and contributing as an admissions tour guide. His commitment goes even further as he trains future tour guides, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Cherished Memories:
Junho extends his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Ketchum, Mr. Kinsella, and Mr. Dodge for their memorable bike rides during his senior year. He also enjoyed playing campus golf with Mr. Anderson, Mr. Peter Linn, and his fellow classmates. He also appreciates Mr. Buono for hosting evening futsal sessions, which hold a special place in his heart. He also worked on a project with Mr. Dyball on implementing harkness method into Rumsey’s Algebra 1 class. 

A Heartfelt Connection:
Junho's attachment to Rumsey Hall runs deep, and he's determined to give back to the place that inspired him to become the best version of himself. He says, "Rumsey Hall is a place that inspired me to be the best version of myself."

Giving Back:
In the spirit of gratitude, Junho has devised two beautiful ways to give back to his alma mater. He plans to connect with prospective Korean families through virtual sessions on Zoom during the school year and in person when he returns to Korea. He aims to share his incredible journey and experiences at Rumsey Hall, helping future generations make informed decisions about their education. He has also made a website called The Student Handbook to provide “survival guide” (as he calls them) to help students through high school application, boarding school life, and highschool summers. He also provides tips and resources from getting dressed properly for occasions to getting internships. In the website's “advice to the schools” section, he provides a student organization that he thinks every school could benefit from having.  

Reuniting Alumni:
Junho also has a vision to reignite the Rumsey Korean Alumni Association. He's passionate about rekindling the bonds formed during his time here and fostering a strong alumni network. We are excited to work closely with Junho to bring this vision to life and reconnect alumni across the globe.

Junho Lee's journey inspires us all, and his dedication to giving back is a testament to the values we hold dear at Rumsey Hall. Stay tuned for more updates on his incredible adventures!