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Alex LoFaro '17 Publishes Cookbook Chock-Full of Delectable Recipes

Alex LoFaro '17 Publishes Cookbook Chock-Full of Delectable Recipes

Alex LoFaro '17, now a senior at Taft School, recently published a cookbook that features health recipes that appeal to younger generations. Alex has been working with the community in Waterbury, CT to establish nutritional habits that feed a whole being wellness. He worked diligently in his independent study project at Taft to combine what he learned while volunteering—even creating a website devoted to making healthy food choices— with research on healthy eating to create the 87 mouth-watering recipes. 

Alex, recalling his time at Rumsey, states, "I would just like to thank Rumsey for creating a fostering environment where I could explore different passions. Even though my cooking at Rumsey consisted mainly of ramen noodles, the caring environment Rumsey created helped inspire me to eventually share my cooking with family and eventually friends who I would bring back home from Rumsey. Cooking for these friends ultimately inspired me to create the book some years later!"

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Alex plans on donating a large percentage of his income from the cookbook to the nonprofit Wholesome Wave, an organization that is fighting nutrition insecurity across the US by developing and deploying programs, platforms, and seed funding to help a network of community-based organizations address the lack of affordability and access to healthy food. We share outcomes of this work to successfully advocate for food and health systems change.