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A Week of Transformation: Character and Community Value Workshops

A Week of Transformation: Character and Community Value Workshops 

At Rumsey, we are committed to nurturing not only the academic growth of our students but also their personal development and sense of community. In recognition of these goals, from September 11-18, the Upper School will host Character and Community Value Workshops with the theme of Healthy and Productive Relationships.

These faculty-led workshops are a deliberate effort to instill in our students the importance of community, shared goals, and the pivotal role individual actions play in shaping the best group experience. Here's what each department has in store:

  • Science Department: “We developed a highly engaging workshop encouraging vibrant conversations, setting the tone for the school year ahead,” said Science Department Chair Liz Butler.
  • English Department and ESL Classes: Through example situations, students will develop their understanding of others while focusing on "Perspective, Point of View, and Empathy.”
  • History Department and ESL Classes: Examine the fundamentals of Human Rights and Responsibilities, an essential foundation for building respectful and inclusive relationships.
  • World Languages/ESL Workshops: “We are going to learn ways to keep ourselves in balance by tapping into the power of self-compassion, said Jillian Dufresne, ESL Department Chair / Assistant Director of Residential Life. "This workshop helps students nurture their inner selves and strengthen connections to others.”
  • Math Department: Students will be guided through a self-reflection activity that examines the week’s experiences, identifying takeaways to carry forward and creating a visual display of shared values.

Individually and combined, the workshops offer a unique opportunity to guide students to experience personal growth and deepen their connections with fellow students and the Rumsey community.   

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