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Interscholastic Protocols for Winter Athletics 2022

COVID-19 Competition Protocols

Sports Guidelines

1. All athletes will wear a mask at all times while indoors. The mask must cover the nose and mouth at all times. This includes during practice, in the locker room, on the bench, while on buses, and while participating in games in the gym or in the rink. 

2. All athletes must bring a water bottle that is clearly marked with the player's name so the are not sharing water bottles. 

Expectations of Athletic Opponents

1. Rumsey Hall expects that each opponent's school population is sufficiently vaccinated against Covid-19 and will follow Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health guidance. Any unvaccinated athletes on opposing teams will be permitted to participate in athletic contests following state and federal guidance and are expected to be tested regularly, including shortly before competition.

2. Athletes and coaches are expected to remain masked during all competitions. 

3. Any student or coach who tests positive may not travel to Rumsey, nor should any player or coach who tests positive be near their team or on the sidelines until cleared for return by their health center. In the event that an opposing school has a positive case within a team, please contact Jay Przygocki, Athletic Director, at

4. If any student or coach on an athletic team tests positive, they will not play or travel with the team until they are cleared by the Rumsey Hall School Health Center. In the event of a positive test result involving a student-athlete or coach, Rumsey will communicate with the athletic director of the opposing school scheduled to play the team affected. 


Spectators are permitted at Rumsey Hall games. All spectators are expected to be masked indoors.