An Independent, Coed Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (K-9) in Washington, CT

Welcome from the Director of Studies

Rumsey Hall takes a “whole child” approach to academics, believing that teaching academics and an attitude of mind are equally important. At Rumsey effort is the key to a successful academic experience, earning a student approval, rewards and privileges. Each week individual academic effort is recognized and celebrated by the School community. This regular acknowledgement and appreciation of effort builds a respect for personal responsibility and helps cultivate self-discipline. Achievement follows as students internalize the Rumsey work ethic.

Academic effort is a shared responsibility between the student and each faculty member. Just as the faculty expects maximum effort from each student, they promise in return to give each student their very best effort. The result is an environment where everyone shares in the joy of success.

The strength of our academic program prepares students for the challenges that lie ahead in secondary school and later in life, and it provides students with opportunities for secondary school that they may not otherwise have. Students have the support to take appropriate risks in the classroom, developing their confidence, independence and self-advocacy skills. Rumsey Hall’s students and teachers believe that the best way to meet a challenge is with hard work, believing that this shared value leads to success.

Brooke Giese P '23, '27
Director of Studies