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 a child's sense of agency has a Meaningful impact on their growth.

We strive to instill a sense of belonging at Rumsey through creating and maintaining an environment where students safe, respected, and valued. Social-emotional instruction in our classes focus on the impact we have on others and why it's so important to listen and learn about another's point of view. 

We teach students how to acknowledge when conflict is occurring, what their role is in the instance, and how to react in a way that considers the value of others. Children are cherished for their uniqueness and individuality and they learn to acknowledge the identities and strengths of their fellow classmates.  Through curricular support programs such as our advisory program and Win At Social, students, teachers, and families are given tools to engage in relevant, real-world event discussions. 

Social-Emotional Learning at Rumsey

Relationship-Building Courage-Seeking Value-Modeling