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When we understand our emotions as we play, we are developing our social skills.

 How Play Shapes Our Learning



When we see and treat ourselves and each other as unique beings, we learn the power of connection.

How We Cultivate Finding Voice 



When we push the limits of our perceived abilities, we form the habit of achieving greatness.

 How We Experience Bravery



When we express our honorable character traits within, we become leaders.

How We Nurture Value-Modeling


Character and Community Living Skills

Through the pillars of Character and Community Living Skills at Rumsey, Relationship-Building, Awareness-Forming, Courage-Seeking, and Value-Modeling, we teach students how to develop and assert their individual standpoint. We strive to activate and/or expand the power of a child’s inner voice through social-emotional learning programs, community events, and overall School culture.

Our ability to learn deeply and effectively is impacted by our ability to relate to and communicate about our emotions. It takes effort to understand what’s happening on the inside: how our minds perceive our outer world and how our feelings impact our relationships are notions worthy of our time. When we pay attention to our inner values, we pursue a mindset of empathy, confidence, and service that goes beyond the here and now. We learn to trust our decision-making processes and are able to utilize the tools best suited to our learning styles.

From the Lower School curriculum—infused with outdoor adventure, active play, and kindness training, to the Upper School framework—constructed with leadership classes, experiential learning, and opportunities to develop agency, Rumsey establishes a safe place to practice conflict-resolution skills. Our programming is developmentally-intentional; subsequently, we modify the space for students to develop their voice, create meaningful ways to embolden their message, and celebrate their impact on the community. In other words, we ensure a tangible sense of belonging.