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Rumsey Kindies Affect Global Change

Kindergartners, or as we like to call them, Kindies, are on the move! Their world is small, so we nurture the safest of environments for them; yet, we also give them the foundation and the space to explore BIG IDEAS. We teach them that their minds and spirits are mighty... and then we guide them to activate the power of their imagination.

"We are changing the world, one Kindie at a time!" - Mrs. McGrew, Kindie Teacher

Connecting to Nature

Treasure Island!

Rubber boots, play clothes, and muddy hands are the signature look for a Kindie at Rumsey. We make frequent expeditions to our on-site riverbed in search of treasure.

Watch Video: Kindies explore outdoors


We teach our Kindies to 




the power of imagination.

Steps to Acting on Our "Big Idea"