Mission Statement

Rumsey Hall School is committed to a whole-child approach to education and believes that teaching academics and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. The School emphasizes effort as a criterion for success and is dedicated to helping each child develop toward his or her maximum stature as an educated person, a successful member of a family and a contributing member of a community.

Message from the Headmaster


Outside the Main Office, posted by the front door, is a special sign that welcomes campus guests and visitors individually by name. When you visit you will see your name. This small, personal gesture is an indication of the genuine warmth of our community.

Rumsey Hall was founded in 1900 by Lillias Rumsey Sanford. The independent, coed, junior boarding and day school which evolved from our founder’s dream, retains distinct characteristics from its early years. Mrs. Sanford’s efforts to create a home away from home for her young boarders became part of Rumsey’s heritage. You will find a strong sense of stability and family in our community today. The values of honesty, kindness and respect are the cornerstones of the School’s culture.

There is a thoughtful balance in our School, providing the support, nurture and care that children need while presenting appropriate academic challenge and rigor. Our curriculum is designed to teach children to read, write and calculate proficiently in preparation for the challenges that await them in secondary school and college. Our students learn to be organized, acquire knowledge, and apply these traits with a relentless creativity in their problem solving. We embrace the idea of “honor through effort.” Effort, more than grades, is the criterion for success.

I invite you to visit our campus, meet our well-rounded teachers, students and staff, and experience the profound energy and vitality known as the “Rumsey Spirit.” This enduring spirit has inspired students since 1900.

We look forward to sharing it with you.



Thomas W. Farmen