Mission Statement

Rumsey Hall School is committed to a whole child approach to education and believes that teaching academics and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. The School emphasizes effort as a criterion for success and is dedicated to helping each child develop toward his or her maximum stature as an educated person, a successful member of a family and a contributing member of a community.

Message from the Headmaster


Thank you for showing an interest in Rumsey Hall School. I hope this brief explanation of our School values will help you understand what kind of students we enroll and how the members of our outstanding faculty and staff approach their work.

Rumsey Hall was founded in 1900 by Lillias Rumsey Sanford. The coeducational boarding and country day school which evolved from our founder's dream retains distinct characteristics from its early years. Mrs. Sanford's efforts to create a home away from home for her young boarders became part of Rumsey's heritage. You will find a strong sense of stability and family in our community today.

There is a wonderful balance in our School providing the support, nurture and care that children need while presenting appropriate academic challenge and rigor. Our curriculum is designed to teach children to read, write and calculate proficiently, in preparation for the profound challenges that await them in secondary school and college. We lay the educational foundations for building sturdy structures. We embrace the idea of "honor through effort." Effort, more than grades, is the criterion for success.

Complementing our academic program is a broad and exciting spectrum of mandatory athletic endeavors and extracurricular options. We believe firmly that academic and non-academic activities presented in a sensibly structured setting are partners in a child's development. The resulting well-roundedness is a characteristic shared by our graduates, and it is a common trait in our diverse faculty.

Our faculty balances the traditional structure of our School with the understanding that children learn differently. Teachers are encouraged to be innovative and flexible. They enthusiastically accept their responsibility as role models. The strong teacher-student relationships that develop are the core of the family atmosphere that is so prevalent on our campus. Our students feel comfortable because they know what is expected of them and that help is always available. Their success is not measured merely by a report card. The self-esteem and self-confidence of individual students are our most important goals. I am sure you will sense this when you visit our campus.

Virtually all of our families have ambitious plans for their children's education. Our graduates continually earn admission to the most competitive secondary schools in the country. Yet most families will agree that this tangible product of the Rumsey experience is secondary to the lifelong attitudes, values and habits formed.

I invite you to visit our campus, meet our teachers, students and staff and experience the special family atmosphere known as the “Rumsey Spirit.” This enduring spirit has inspired students since 1900. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Thomas W. Farmen