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Rumsey Hall’s Athletic Program is based on a philosophy of honor through effort with hard work and steady effort resulting in a long tradition of success. Every student is required to participate in each of the three sports’ seasons. The program offers competitive and non-competitive sports that begin in III Form (5th Grade) through VII Form (9thGrade) with several levels of teams to accommodate varying levels of skill. The close relationships that develop between coaches and players are a special part of Rumsey Athletics, contributing to the Rumsey Spirit of the Blue Dog Teams.

Jay Przygocki, Athletic Director
Ted Moore, Assistant Athletic Director

"It’s fun being on Rumsey’s teams. You get a great sense of accomplishment when your team wins and you know that you contributed in some way. When you lose you hope you’ve learned from it and you move on to the next game."

Varsity Fall Athletics from Rumsey Hall on Vimeo.

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