2016-2017: Explanation of Fees and Expenses



Tuition is billed July 1, 2016. Please see Payment Options Form for Due Dates.

Boarding Students: $55,665

Day Students:

Kindergarten (Full Day) $21,165
Pre-Primes and Primes (Grades 1 & 2) $21,165
I Form through VII Form (Grades 3 - 9) $26,040

Language Skills

This program offers one-on-one instruction five times a week by Orton-Gillingham trained teachers. Each student’s curriculum is individualized and directed towards the student’s learning differences. The annual fee for Language Skills is $6,185 billed July 1, 2016.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) is comprised of two levels with three courses in each level. The courses are designed to help students develop their conversational and academic English, reading comprehension, awareness of social and cultural differences and to introduce them to American History. The annual fee for ESL is $7,350 billed July 1, 2016.

Tuition Refund Plan

See the attached Tuition Refund Plan Brochure  for explanation of coverage. All Student Accounts will be charged for this insurance at the rate of 1.70% of full pay tuition,  due July 15, 2016. To waive the tuition refund plan, the total annual tuition must be by July 15, 2016.  To decline enrollment,  please sign and return the Tuition Refund Waiver Form  to the Business Office by July 15, 2016. Upon receipt of this form and full payment of tuition, your account will be credited. Please note, all students on the monthly payment plan must be enrolled in the Tuition Refund Plan.

Student Accident Plan

See the attached Student Accident Plan Brochure for explanation of coverage. All Student Accounts will be charged the $68 annual fee for this insurance, due July 15, 2016. If the student is adequately covered through another insurance plan, you may decline enrollment.  To decline enrollment, please sign and return the Student Accident Plan Waiver Form  to the Business Office by July 15, 2016. Upon receipt of this form your account will be credited. 

International Student Insurance Plan

The Rumsey Hall School Student Health Center and our healthcare providers have determined that providing one health insurance company for all our international students will eliminate confusion. The plan offers coverage from 8/15/16-6/14/17 for a fee of $1,575 due July 15, 2016. The basic provisions and exclusions of the plan are outlined in the Student Injury & Sickness Insurance Plan Brochure. Personal identification cards will be sent directly to Rumsey.

Laundry (Boarding Students)

Each Boarding Student receives a personal laundry bag to send into E & R Laundry once a week. The service includes: wash/dry/fold; professional shirt laundering and pressing; pants and/or skirts pressed and hung; dry cleaning. All Boarding Student Accounts will be charged the annual E & R Laundry fee of $995 due July 15, 2016. If you choose not to use this laundry service, please contact Dean of Students, Mr. Ketchum at 860-868-0535 Ext. 115 or


This annual fee is billed to all Student Accounts, due July 15, 2016, to help defray the cost of new hardware, internet access, and software updates.

Day Students: K/Pre-Primes/ Primes (K - Grade 2) $35.00
Day Students: I Form - II Form (Grades 3 - 4) $45.00
Day Students: III Form  – VII Form (Grades 5 - 9) $90.00
Boarding Students $120.00

Enrollment Deposit

The Enrollment Deposit is due with the signed contract. It is non-refundable and is used towards tuition. 

Incidental Charges

(in addition to tuition and fees)
  • Medical – doctor/dentist appointments, prescriptions, all medical bills not covered by your insurance
  • Health Center – overnight stays, medications, etc.
  • Music Lessons – guitar, voice, piano, and many other options upon request to our Music Director
  • School Store – supplies
  • Athletic Supplies
  • Student Activities – weekend trips
  • Travel – transportation to doctor appointments, train stations or airports by faculty or livery
  • Petty Cash for Travel – train tickets, meals when traveling, UM (Unaccompanied Minor) fee
  • Yearbook
  • Haircuts
  • SSAT – registration fee for VI Form and VII Form (8th and 9th grades)
  • Office Account – miscellaneous fees for art classes, postage, pizza parties, class pictures, etc.
  • Lower School - Afternoon Enrichment Program Fees 
Suggested amounts below depending on level of activity:
Day Students: Kindergarten – III Form (K - Grade 5) $300 - $1,000
Day Students: IV Form - VII Form (Grades 6-9) $750 - $1,500
Boarding Students: International $5,000  
Boarding Students: Domestic $4,000


For any questions, please contact Shelly Benson in the Business Office: