Dorm Life

Rumsey’s Dorm Life Program helps the School fulfill its mission of educating the whole child. The program is constantly evolving, formulated by the combined efforts of the Director of Residential Life, the Faculty Dorm Heads, the Coordinator of Girls’ and Women’s Issues and the Student Dorm Council. These groups meet throughout the year to plan dorm activities and to discuss dorm issues. The goals of the Dorm Life Program include teaching community living skills, developing conflict resolution skills, promoting health and wellness, teaching an awareness of the conservation of energy, and developing a sense of dorm spirit. One of the highlights for the students is “Dorm Nights” which are scheduled every other week throughout the year. Dorm Night activities include intramural competition in volleyball, basketball, broomball, and climbing wall. There is also a talent show, an air band contest, spelling and math competitions, and a chess tournament. The results of these activities are recorded throughout the year. The program culminates when the coveted “Dorm Cups” are awarded to the winners of the upper and lower divisions at the end of the year. Holiday celebrations and birthday/pizza parties enhance the family atmosphere in the dormitories.


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