Rumsey Hall believes that effort is as important as academic achievement. Effort as a criterion for success opens a new world to the student because the student can use his or her environment to the best advantage. The student determines whether he or she will earn approval, rewards and privileges. Effort does not start and end with the student. It is a shared responsibility between the student and each faculty member.  Just as the faculty expects maximum effort from each student, they promise in return to give each student their very best effort. The result is an environment where everyone can share in the pleasure of success.


The progress of each student is discussed and an Effort List is prepared at Monday faculty meetings. Being on the Effort List signifies that a student has come prepared to class each day of the previous week. The Effort List is announced to the entire school Tuesday morning.

Students who are on the Effort List in all classes earn privileges such as studying in their dormitories, playing tennis or fishing during free time. The faculty and administration believe that these weekly rewards for effort gradually build a respect for self-discipline and personal responsibility. Achievement should follow as this emphasis on effort becomes an integral part of the student’s everyday life.