The Fine Arts

The Fine Arts (music and theater) provide a powerful form of expression for the human spirit which brings great rewards to every person's life. The unique combination of intellect, artistry, and feeling required for artistic expression distinguish it from other human endeavors, and rank the arts among the highest of cultural accomplishments. Music and theater have been an important part of education since at least the time of ancient Greece, and they continue to be central subjects in school curricula. In many countries, the compelling need for music in schools, as in life, is widely recognized. At Rumsey Hall, we recognize that need and endeavor to create an atmosphere where music and theater are available to every student regardless of their level of experience or talent.

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In the Upper School classes are offered at every grade level in both music and theater; two theatrical performances, five musical concerts and AirBand are produced every year. The finale for the year is Rumsey's annual Talent Show where students and faculty come together to create an evening of comedy, skits, dance, and music. It is one of the highlights of the year, giving our Seniors a final opportunity to be on stage before saying goodbye at graduation.

Studio Art


Creativity forms the basis and emphasis of the visual art program at Rumsey Hall School. In reflection of the School’s mission, the Art department values Effort as well as technical skill.In an effort to educate the “whole child” the Art department strives to balance the development of creativity with basic instruction in principles of design. The art course offerings stress discovery and self-expression though media including: painting, drawing, printmaking, clay and multi-media three-dimensional construction. The art room is open to students during the academic day and two evening each week. Interdisciplinary projects are coordinated with the academic disciplines. Student art work is displayed throughout campus, themed exhibits are on view in the Finkelson Gallery. Students also have the opportunity to visit local art galleries and art museums in Manhattan.



Lower School Music

The Lower School Music Program at Rumsey Hall School infuses each child with a well rounded and practical grounding in music literacy, appreciation, and performance, through adherence to the MENC National Standards for Music Education. Based on the Kodaly methods of teaching, where music is seen as a necessary part of a child's development, the program immerses each student fully in their musical experience to become musically literate and confident in their performance skills by the time they leave Lower School. The Lower Schoolers have ample opportunity to explore their musical talents through their daily classes and Rumsey's Afternoon Enrichment Program. Some of the musical offerings provided include musical theatre productions, handbell choir, recorder class, African drumming, Little Clef Club, and karaoke. Each Spring Term, Form III (Grade 5) writes,composes, and produces their own musical theatre production which is performed In the Maxwell A. Sarofim '05 Performing Arts Center (The MAX). The Lower School also has their very special Winter Concert and Grandparents' Day concerts when they showcase their talents. Each year the Lower School improves and expands their music program, as they prepare to matriculate into the Upper School music program.